Trying to do it while being sleep deprived is just torture, for both you and your child.
Is there an easier way?
Can we find help to get the whole family sleeping again?
We say yes!
Hear the story of 3 families who were desperate for sleep, and now all sleep “better than babies”.
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Sleep Training


  • Stressed?
  • Tired of weeding through contradictory information?
  • Want to get straight to the point with the issues that are affecting your child?
  • Want a knowledgeable guide to answer all your questions (big or small) along the way?

Group Sessions

  • Want a fun alternative to private consultations
  • Want to share your journey with other families and build community
  • Want support and guidance to solve your sleep issue

About Me


I am Dana Stone and I am the founder of Rest Assured Consulting. I provide customized sleep training programs to parents who would like to help teach their babies or toddlers to sleep through the night.

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Hear more from Dana on her Podcast.

The Winning at the Mom Life Podcast is an exciting podcast that wants to help women change the lens they use to validate themselves. It is so true, we are our own worst critiques.  Every child, every family, every mother is so unique and walks a different path.  It’s time that we stop comparing ourselves to others and decide what we want our lives to look like.  Happiness is now.. happiness is finding what you can love about your current situation and what you can do to makes tomorrows reality look exactly how you want it to look.  That is truly Winning at the Mom Life!

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